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Food & Other Pleasures

Health, Body Acceptance, Spirituality & More

It's my heart desire to support you to love nutrition, your body & life more.


Our relationship to food is just a mirror of other relationships in our life. Everything is connected. If we're not happy at work or with our partner, we often turn to food for pleasure. Or we numb or feelings with food. By looking closer at our relationship to food and healing it, we're not only healing ourselves. We're healing our connection to others, to our body and to mother earth.  

Episode 1

The Connection of Diets, Pleasure & Weight Loss

Episode 2

Feminine Power, Sexuality & Body Acceptance

Episode 3

Increasing Your Self-Esteem By Being Less Judgemental (Towards Food)

Episode 4

Intuitive Eating, Stress Management & Gratitude For Life

Episode 5

Meditation For Improved Digestion

Episode 6

Facing Death

Episode 7

Meditation For Inner Peace When You're Overwhelmed

Episode 8

Feminine Wisdom, Women's Archetypes & Authenticity

Episode 9

Manifestation & How I Got A Free Flight To NVY

Episode 10

Connecting With Our Intuition & Soul

Episode 11

The Power Of Trust & Gratitude

Episode 12

Turning Suffering Into A Limitless Mindset

Episode 13

Building Resilience In Uncertain Times

Episode 14

Living Our Purpose & Finding Bliss Within

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